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Why Wheel Balancing Is Important In A Vehicle?

Hng Admin  |  1st Jul 2021


Wheel balancing is essential in a vehicle if you want to enjoy a smooth ride. It allows the wheel and tires to rotate without causing discomforting vibrations on the steering. Discomfort caused by wheel imbalance occurs at a speed of 80-120 km/hr.

New and upgraded technological tools have made it easy to check for wheel alignment or balance and adjust it properly. These tools are efficient in checking how properly aligned your wheels are and further assist in realigning the wheels until they are balanced.

 How to Know That Your Wheels Are Not Properly Aligned

     Your car tends to tilt to one side, either left or right.

     Your steering wheel is not straight

     Your vehicle suspension parts are worn out

     There is an uneven tire way on the front

 Alignment is primarily about adjusting your car wheel position so that they are parallel to each other, and perpendicular to the ground. It ensures that your vehicle is in a straight way that is in motion without drifting into a different pathway.

 Vehicles with four-wheel alignment should have all wheels pointing in the same direction. The suspension of a car greatly depends on the position of the tires.

 Aligning your vehicle is very important if you are to prolong the life of your car and ensure your safety. Aligning your wheel is important for a variety of reasons. Some of them are:

     Aligning your wheels improves your driving experience as your car moves smoothly on the ground.

     When you align your wheels, you worry less about road safety.

      There is a low chance that your car will somersault in cases of sharp braking.

     You prolong your tire life if your wheels are properly aligned. Poor wheel alignment prevents wear and tear of tires.

Wheel balancing can be done in any auto workshop near you. It is not expensive. Wheel alignment cost less than N 7000, dependent on the auto workshop you visit.

If your wheels are not balanced you are possibly endangering your life on the road. If it is a commercial or family vehicle, this can cost the lives of several other persons. It is wise to align your wheels as soon as you can.

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