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Most Popular Car Brands In Nigeria 2021

Hng Admin  |  23rd Jun 2021

Thousands of cars from different car brands ply Nigerian roads daily. These cars are made from different car brands and they have unique features that stand them out from other car models and brands. Every year there seem to be a set of preferred cars by Nigerian drivers. This is because of the upgrade made to existing car models yearly. Looking to find the most patronized car brands by Nigerian drivers in 2021? Perhaps to help you make a more informed decision on the car type? We advise you read through this article for just the knowledge you need.

Most Popular Car Brands In Nigeria 2021


Top of the list is Toyota. This is no surprise as it has always been the leading car brand in Nigeria since 2021. It is unarguably the most popular car brand in Nigeria. The Toyota line of sedans, coupes, trucks, cross over and SUVs are known for their efficient fuel economy system. It is not lacking in an appealing exterior design, and it is even more praised for its spacious cabin and sleek interior design.

Toyota vehicles like the Camry, Corolla and the Tacoma models are one of the toughest cars adapted to rough roads, which is a sad characteristic of Nigerian road networks. One reason why it is one of the most bought cars in Nigeria 2021 is that it is very affordable, and only newer models like the 2020 and 2021 models are somewhat expensive.

Mercedez Benz

Famous for its build, toughness, durability and speed, Mercedez Benz, or Benz as it commonly called, is preferred by Nigerian drivers looking for class and speed. It is not just one of the famous car brands in Nigeria, it is one of the most famous car brands in the world. Mercedez Benz brand produces some of the finest luxury cars that are not only durable but fast. Many Mercedez Benz car owners in Nigeria brag about its robust engine and efficient fuel economy system.

This car brand has a lineup of vehicles that meet different consumer needs, from luxury fancy cars, SUVs and crossovers, to small cars (sedans or coupes) that have a good fuel economy system. Many times car dealers will recommend Mercedez Benz car models because of their adaptability to really rough road networks.

Land Rover

Possibly one of the commonest cars brands in Nigeria. It is made by a British car manufacturing company and has become the favourite of many SUV lovers. Land Rovers are impressive four well drives that provide a great combination of durability, speed, stamina and large cargo space. One of the outstanding features of this car brand is its high-ground clearance and tough build. It drives incredibly well on rough roads compared to other SUVs from other car brands.

Land Rover exterior designs may not be as pretty as  SUVs from other car brands, but this car brand has a large cabin space, roomy cargo and a tough engine fit for long-distance travelling.


Kia is popular for producing very sleek sedan series. It is another car brand with a great fuel economy system. Car models of the Kia car brand have very beautiful exterior design and this may be a contributing factor to it being one of the most popular car brands in Nigeria. Although its ground clearance is low and its appearance does not speak loudly of its toughness, cars of this car brand are very durable and can be fairly suitable for long-distance travels.

Kia car models are relatively not expensive and are many times the choice of a first car for individuals or small families. It does not have very large cargo space but it has enough legroom and seating capacity to make a ride smooth.

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