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4 Most Expensive Suvs In Nigeria

Hng Admin  |  1st Jul 2021

Sport Utility Vehicles are one of the most priced car types in Nigeria. Its high ground clearance and tough build make it highly suitable for Nigerian roads. Families also prefer to own SUVs because of their large seating capacity. SUVs are also one of the safest vehicles to own because of their ability to stay balanced even on very rough roads. SUV tires are usually thick and can scale through really muddy areas.


The 2019 Mercedes G-Class can improve the performance only in unimaginable ways with excellent powertrains and even more remarkable off-road gear. The 2019 model of the Mercedes-Benz g-class may not seem distinct from its predecessor; it is nevertheless brought into the 21st century with its redesigned suspension and its interior. Its top-notch features make it one of the expensive SUVs in the market.

The cabin and off-road characteristics are outstanding. It is nevertheless a car-on-frame SUV with a trio of differential locks and a dual-speed transmission case with standard four-wheel drive in full time.

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BMW X7 2019



The BMW X7 2019 is the first BMW luxury crossover 3-row SUV. With a 4.4L V8 motor that can accelerate to around 60 miles a day in 5.2 seconds BMW X7 it has an all wheel moving system. It offers good interior room, superb driving manners and a comparable cabin with more costly SUV automobiles.

In addition to the luxurious wood trimmings inside the 2019 BMW X7 model, the car is fitted with modern gadgets that provide the finest driving experience. Even the most chic clients can be satisfied with a 12-inch infotainment display. Two BMW's best-life drives are adopted by the new 2019 X7. The huge bruiser is able to loop along with a three digit clip with this power on tap

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BMW X6 2019